Conflicing App Proxy Paths

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Hi guys,


I was curious what would happen if two apps use the same app proxy subpath on the storefront, but want to forward to different Proxy URLs. Because I couldn't find anything about this online, I decided to try it out and share my results.


2019-08-12 20_16_13-Shopify.png



  • App1 claims app proxy path /apps/app_proxy_conflict/ and redirects to URL1
  • App2 claims app proxy path /apps/app_proxy_conflict/ and redirects to URL2
  • A shop installs both apps



  • The app that installs first wins and successfully claims the subpath, i.e. /apps/app_proxy_conflict/ redirects to URL1
  • After uninstalling App1, the app proxy is removed and /apps/app_proxy_conflict/ goes 404, which breaks App2 😞


Let's see if this helps anyone in the future. 😉





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I believe they may have updated this behavior since your post.


I was testing this last week, and in my case, App2 ended actually using /apps/app_proxy_conflict-1/ as its proxy path.