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Hey all!! 
so I am trying to  get some products out with this little saying that came up with. Shirts, hats ect. to have the items drop shipped . And I guess started a store  but how do I connect both and OMG 😱 I’m soo adhd that all the info that gets thrown at me I’m soo confused . All I wanted was to sale some shirts Thought it would be easy and now I don’t know if I’m moving in the right direction or buried  myself in endless confusion. Any advice or suggestions? 
thanks Much 

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Hi @kattness 

Welcome to Shopify.

Glad you have made the decision to switch to Shopify and yes, while you may find a bit of overwhelming at first, it will be easier later on.

Please let me know how you want to start with?

like  theme setup, adding products, connecting with dropshipping provider or payment gateway setups.

We can go through this process step by step so that it won't be overwhelming.

Thank you,