Contextual templates loading on site, but not in theme editor

Contextual templates loading on site, but not in theme editor

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I currently have two stores for a company. One store is Dutch and the other is German. For both stores I use one market. Germany market for the one store and Netherlands market for the other. Now I both connected them to the same Github repository and want to use one repository for both stores. To change the theme separately for both stores, I use contextual templates. For the German store I want to use the contextual templates and for the dutch store the default. Now it all seems to work on the site itself.

German market handle:  '3e93e378-18c4-485f-b7be-9f58cc5b7522'.

So for example the index.json gets a duplicate for German store:


"context": {
"market": "3e93e378-18c4-485f-b7be-9f58cc5b7522"
"parent": "index.json",

I can see the difference on both stores, but it seems the shopify theme editor for the german store doesn't take the contextual templates, but the default ones. Which results in the German store showing the Dutch content in the editor. So press the save button once and the whole site is messed up. How can this happen and how can I make sure the german store takes the actual contextual templates?

Thanks for anyone answering in advance!

Edit: so I think the reason is because in the editor the default market is selected, but the default market IS the one primary market that I have. So I can't and don't want to chose a different market. So is it still possible using the default market in the editor?

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Hi JulianOri,


Just to confirm, are you using the Markets feature on the theme editor, as is described here? I'm unsure if this configuration supports use with a GitHub repo - but I can dig into this.

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Thank you for your reply. Well the thing is, I'm using only one market per store. So I can only select the default market. I think that is why the editor listens to the default json templates, instead of the contextual ones. So I'm not even sure this is doable, because contextual templates are meant for multiple markets within the same store, but I'm using two different stores with both one market. But this was the first (and seemed to be the easiest) option we saw for using one github repo for multiple stores.