Custom Customer account pages - 1000 apps but no solution!

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Hello Shopify-colleagues! Thx for reading my post. 


We´r about to start a shopify store that will sell Second hand, horse and riders equipment. Our bussinesside is to let people send us this equipement and we sell it for them. We do all the work and charge for it by cut the profit of a sold product. 




We have ONE crucial step to solve, we really want a function that let the customer who sent in one or more products, to see their specific products in their account page. 


I´v tried several custom account pages apps like flits, B2B login & lock, custom fields and many more. None of these apps  have helped, except creating a space in the store where we can display the products inside the customers account pages. See below! "Mina annonser = My products/adds"




But I cant make it display specific products that are linked to the customer...

Our plan is to tag every product with the customers ID, for example "6096054321378" and in that way somehow render them to the right customer. 


It must be possible, I mean, shopify is able to render "recently viewed" and the customers previous orders.


My plan now is to "borrow" the code from the "recently viewed" or "my orders" and change it to make it render the information we want it to. Is this possible? 


Could someone help us to find that "code-string" and where to put it to display it in our tab "Mina annonser"?


Thank you so much!


Best regards, Emma 

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