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How to put a image in custom liquid

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<img src="replace with you img url" style="width:180px;" />


You can type above code like this.  And replace your image URL as the src value.

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Hello there  


To add an image in a custom Liquid template, you can use the img tag and specify the source of the image using the src attribute. Here's an example:


<img src="/path/to/image.jpg" alt="Alt text describing the image">


You can also include other attributes, such as the width and height of the image, or specify a class for styling using the class attribute.



<img src="/path/to/image.jpg" alt="Alt text describing the image" width="500" height="300" class="my-image-class">


If you want to use an image file that is stored in your Shopify store's assets, you can use the asset_url filter to generate the full URL of the image file.



<img src="{{ 'image.jpg' | asset_url }}" alt="Alt text describing the image">


Note that the asset_url filter only works for files that are stored in the assets directory of your store.


hope this helps