Custom Width and Length Price Calculator

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I'm trying to do some custom development. Essentially I'm trying to develop a custom calculator using square millimetres.


This is the exact functionality we are after which is also using Shopify (a competitor of ours):


Here's what I got so far:


As you can see, I've got the front end of the input fields all set up, but I need it to be able to dynamically show the pricing, however, I am unsure how to do this, and where to find the code.


I found this information on Shopify about creating math filters:

The aim is to have metafield (new Shopify feature) where we will enter the price per square millimetre. The back end will need to create a formula like the following: [product-metafield] x [width input] x [drop input].


Would anyone have an idea on how to achieve this?

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Hey there, i saw you already acheived this, can you share the code of how you did it? Thanks

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Can you please share your solution ? I have similar situtiation. Thanks