Customers leaving after homepage

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No customer conversions, no signups, nothing. Just visitors popping on homepage and leaving. Please help!

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It's because there isn't much content on your homepage and there are big gaps of whitespace.

Screenshot from 2023-11-05 14-40-55.png

Screenshot from 2023-11-05 14-41-05.png

Screenshot from 2023-11-05 14-41-13.png

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Hey Mossy,


That's kind of "normal" activity for most stores, but there are some improvements you could make to the site, to promote longer sessions & higher trust/professionalism. 


1 - Your section immediately under the slideshow has a lot of blank space


blank space.png


2 - Your 'featured product' section is missing an image, and has more blank space


missing image.png

3 - Your "blog posts" & "instagram" section doesn't show any posts


missing posts.png


4 - You don't have a favicon set for your site


missing favicon.png


Hope the above suggestions help! 🙂




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