Dawn Theme, 2.0 has problems.

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I'm having a MAJOR problem with Dawn theme on online store 2.0.

I can't seem to save more than ONE page in a page link, or ONE image in an image banner block.

Every time we want to redirect a link to a different page, it just directs BACK to the page I linked to before, and ALL OTHER LINKS DO THE SAME. This is incredibly frustrating. The same thing happens to images in image banners. The images in the image banners stay the same ON EVERY PAGE. 


I really was hoping for more with this 2.0 release, but this is just a let down. 

Seriously disappointed. 

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Hi, we just started using Dawn theme and we are now having the same problem, Have you found any solutions or fix to creating diversity between custom pages? We were very surprised and disappointed in this limitation as were you.