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Hi good time

I wanted to create a dedicated site, which I am writing here, I want to create a site for myself on the Shopify platform, similar to this site, so that I can provide all the parts of the site that I mentioned, so that I can make the minimum amount of orders. set it to $0.0001, which is not possible on Shopify, every user who registers has a wallet that once he has paid in his account, his balance will increase in his account wallet on my site, so that whenever he has a new order from account balance, usage, etc. These are some of the requirements of this site that I sent because I wanted to tell you the details and we also want to sell services similar to, so we want it to be exactly like this, but on the Shopify platform.

And if someone has experienced this kind of work, I would appreciate it if they could let me know

Thank you for being with me so far and I hope we will have a good cooperation

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