Do I need shopify CLI or can I just use the Edit code feature?

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Do I need shopify CLI to create new themes from scratch or can I just use the Edit code feature inside Shopify.


I'm wondering if I could create themes this way until I better understand cli. Just wondering If this would work just as well. CLI has it's benefits but is it absolutely neccessary?

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Hi, to create a new theme from the code editor, you must have a Shopify theme already. While this is not purely from-scratch, you can start with a basic theme and build on top of it. An excellent example of a starter would be the Dawn theme.

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Hello @DC9898,


You can use both Shopify CLI or Edit Code Feature for building themes but there are certain differences.


If you want to use Shopify CLI then there is a command which will create a new theme with an existing theme structure and you need to add code to make it functional. 


However, if you want to work with a code editor then you can use any existing free theme like Dawn, Sense, etc. and you don’t need to work from scratch.


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hello there!


You do not need Shopify CLI to make changes to your Shopify store. You can use the "Edit code" feature in the Shopify admin to make changes to your theme files.

The "Edit code" feature provides an online code editor that allows you to make changes to your theme files without the need for local development tools. You can use it to add or modify Liquid templates, CSS styles, JavaScript code, and other files in your theme.