Do search engines read rich text in a page section?

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I am building a replacement website in Shopify using Flow theme (moving from a wordpress site). I can see how to add Page Titles, Descriptions and check URLs for new pages for SEO purposes. The question I have is what part of the page do search engines crawl? Just the Page Title and Description. Or, do they read the rich text sections of the template on the page as it appears on the website? I appreciate this is basic, but new to the platform. Many thanks. 

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Hello there  

Yes, search engines can read and index rich text content on a page, including on a Shopify website. Rich text refers to content that includes formatting, such as bold or italicized text, headings, lists, and images. This type of content can be added to a page on Shopify using the rich text editor, which allows you to format and style your text using a variety of tools.


It's important to note that while search engines can read and index rich text content, they do not necessarily give it more weight or ranking value than plain text content. The relevance and value of the content to the user is still the most important factor when it comes to ranking in search results. However, using formatting and structure to make your content more visually appealing and easy to read can help improve the user experience, which can in turn contribute to better rankings.

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