Does the 'return_to' form tag parameter work on the 'recover_customer_password' form?

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In the theme tags documentation it talks about using a 'return_to' form tag perameter to redirect a user to a specific page after the form is submitted. I have can see that this works when I test it in a simple 'contact' form, however in this particular case I am trying to do it to the 'recover_customer_password' form.


The client we are working with would like customers to land back in their account page after submitting this form rather than back to the login page.


However it does not seem to work on this type of form. No matter where I try to redirect the user to it still takes us back to the login page.


Does anyone know if perhaps the redirect_to parameter cannot be used on this particular form? The documentation doesn't seem to indicate that this parameter is limited to only a subset of form types.


Any insights would be greatly appreciated. For reference, this is what our form with the parameter looks like:





{% form 'recover_customer_password', return_to: routes.account_url %}
  <!-- form fields here -->
{% endform %}




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Did you ever find a solution to this problem? I am having the same issue but with the currency form. 


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I'm faced the same problem anyone have a solution ?