Does Theme app will be crash if using the code from another store due to installed difference apps?

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I am using one Github repo with 2 branch

  • main (PROD store)
  • dev (DEV store)

Two branches are connecting with 2 Stores (more info)

the dev branch has been checked out from the main branch to implement for the developer


When someone else installs the app in the PROD store, the code of the main branch will be updated


Ex: this code below will be generated to the theme when installing the Example App.

runAppExample() {

The developer implements on the dev branch will merge the code from the main branch (by Github flow), and the code of Example App will has been pulled to the dev branch
But the DEV store doesn't exist the Example App.


So, I want to know, the dev store is working normally (not crash app) if it has this code?

According to my knowledge, if some the javascript code added to the theme, but That store does't have that app, it just shows warnings on the console of the browser.


But I am not sure about that, someone else can answer for me. Thank you so much.


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Hi Nhtbao101,


What you're suggesting is correct - if a dev store is pulling changes from the production store, and an app has injected code into that production store, (eg: via the Assets API or a script tag), then the dev store will pull those changes. Since the app is not actually installed on the dev store, and no authentication has occured, an error could appear in the console. 

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