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Hello, I have Shopify Online Store and I would like to embed my React JS app into one of store pages. My app is pretty simple, it doesn't need to access any shopify information, something like simple game where customer can learn how to use our product.

I went through the docs but didn't find any solution for my case. 

Does anyone have any examples, docs or github links for similar situation?

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Hi @SvitlanaF ,


For the use case you are describing (embedding a simple game onto one of the pages of your Shopify Online Store) seems like it could be accomplished via the use of an App Proxy. An App Proxy allows you to route requests from your shop's domain to any URL of your app's choosing. So for example https://your-shop.com/apps/online-game could become a direct link to https://any-url-you-choose.com, but from a customer perspective they would not be able to tell the difference and still think they are on the Shopify Online Store.


Here is some documentation you can read to help you get started with an App Proxy:





To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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Thanks so much for reply!