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I am trying to start my local development environment with the following command: shopify theme dev


Once the server has started, I click on the URL to open the shop I am working on locally and I get an ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error when the site is opening in the browser.

I need urgent help, as I have to finish some work for a client. 


Additional info: This problem started occurring when I switched from a MAC to a Windows computer. On the MAC this was working without any errors.


Thanks, Leo 

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I'm not sure how much it helps other than to confirm it isn't just you that is having this problem. I've got a customer that has previously been able to view the front end of our website, but now when they use Chrome or Edge on their work PC it throws the same ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error. If they use a mobile phone going through the wifi same issue, but as soon as they switch to the mobile network it loads fine. If they go to a different Shopify store on the work PC and that loads fine.

As far as I can see there appears to be an issue where a combination of IP address / ISP and Shopify store URL is throwing this error.

Has anyone else seen it? 

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I got the same problem, cant log in to my store

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I am also experiencing the same problem, I can not login into the admin of the store. I am constantly seeing