Export inventory quantities dynamically with shopify flow

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Hi guys, 

I am new to Plus and i am stuck with some liquid issue. 

In details i want to build a custom inventory manager system for my POS via Shopify Flow and Google spreadsheet, more in deep i have my inventory divided into POS and Online channel and i only get as a result of my liquid function the Name of the variants and the Combined quantity of POS and Online, instead of just the POS quantity (my physics store inventory). 


Right now i am using this formula:

{% for variants_item in product.variants %}
{% endfor %},
{% for variants_item in product.variants %}
{% endfor %}


I need to update this formula to get only the information of the POS quantity and not the combination of Online and POS. Hope that i explained myself well, and hoping to have an answer shortly. 


I am leaving you guys the PPT where i explain better my problem, i think this can help a lot of people building a dynamic inventory manager without any paid app or so. 


Thank you very much 


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