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Facebook Pixel "Connected" on Shopify... but helper says no pixels found on website

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I cannot for the life of me figure out how to successfully integrate Facebook Pixel 😞 As is, Pixel is connected through the Shopify integration and the pixel is not showing up.


Error from Facebook Pixel Helper: "No pixels found on Ad and tracking blockers can prevent pixel fires." My VPN is off and I have temporarily removed my add blocker, still no pixel found.


I thought maybe it was just not showing on Facebook Pixel Helper because it wasn't manually coded in, this is not the case. When I try to set up events to track, Facebook Business Manager also says it does not detect a Pixel.


I also experimented with doing the integration AND coding it in... THIS DID NOT WORK, the Pixel Helper detected the Pixel but it had no functionality from Facebook Business Manager. I have since removed the code and just have it "Connected" (Screenshots attached).


Please help, any suggestions and guidance would be massive!! I have no issues adding code if there is a fix that way. Thanks in advance!PixelProblems2.PNGPixelProblems1.PNG

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Did you ever resolve this?

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Update: I found solution here (1) Conversions API stopped working on Shopify store : FacebookAds (


Changing Customer Privacy Setting in Shopify to 'Collected before consent' resulted in all Pixel and Conversion API events working..... of course this leads to further problems...

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Having the same problem. How did you fix it??


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I have the same problem.. how did you fix?