FAQ cap 16?!?!

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Hi. Why is the FAQ accordian on 2.0 capped at 16? Is there a way to fix this?

It's such a handy feature and I love that it is now available wherever I want to use it. 

I am currently using it for a Stockists page and they have their product in more than 16 states. When I put a second block it looks stupid with a random space between the sections. I contacted the theme developer and they explained Shopify added a cap!

I found a previous post and it was marked "solved" except it was a work around and I don't understand how to adapt the code to text instead of images. So I'm starting a new thread. 

Shopify - please change the cap! 


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Having the same issue here. Very annoying that we cannot set our own limits.

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Hey @Jessica36 

Unfortunately, there is no way to fix this at this moment, Shopify's backend has programmed it in such a way, for now, you cannot exceed 16 blocks https://shopify.dev/themes/architecture/sections/section-schema#max-blocks.


There’s a limit of 16 blocks per section. You can specify a lower limit with the max_blocks attribute



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