Featured products are not beeing featured

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So, Hi. I have seen this question have been asked before with different solutions but yeah..

I have chosen my products, made the collections added menus, removed tags and still there is no way that my products are beeing featured on my home page.

All my products are activ, and this is a real bummer to encounter so early in the build of a shop as I also read other users are experiencing this at later levels.

Here is my link: https://oldpink.myshopify.com/admin/themes/129845821686/editor?section=featured-products

I hope someone can help

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Assuming you're trying to add a featured product to the homepage: Open the theme editor, add a Featured Product section and then select the product in that section's configuration settings. That's all there's really to it.


Here's the docs for the Venture theme regarding the featured product section: https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/online-store/themes/themes-by-shopify/vintage-themes/venture/sect.... The process with any other theme will be more or less the same.


If you want to instead feature a collection it's the same process, only that you add a Featured Collection section and select a collection instead of a product.


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Maybe im doing something wrong in the collection part?

I have chosen my products with Oberlo, made different collections and made one collection that is supposed to be for my Home page. All the products that I want to display is in that collection aswell as in others. But when I choose it to be a featured collection nothing comes up. Is there something needed to do in with media in under the collection banner?

Thank you, but it didnt really solve much. When I try to feature a product it does not give me the option to feature the products I have found with oberlo