Found few issues with theme-app-extensions need a way to solve it.

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As per the following link, Shopify will shut down Asset API in the next API release.

So we tried to implement it for our existing application.
We have a few use cases which we feel cannot be solved by the theme-app extensions currently available features.


Currently we installed our code in the theme itself using Asset API.
    1. We upload our locals to the theme's local file like en.default.json file.
        Which will give access to the merchant to update its values.
      - But If we use theme-app-extension it won't allow the merchant to update the values of strings we use in the  Shopify Admin as mentioned below. 

         Is there any way to achieve this so that our current functionality doesn't break by using theme-app extensions? 


    2. We use a few app-defined snippets when merchants install our code into the theme.
        As well as we provide a few custom snippets in which we can do custom code related to our application when merchants ask for customization.

        - We can directly use custom snippets in theme snippets directly so that we don't need to remember the customization every time to help merchants instantly based on their requests.
        - As per our current analysis theme-app-extension doesn't support such things.
           Is there any way we can provide customization based on the per merchant per theme?

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