Full width description in Studio Os2 theme

Full width description in Studio Os2 theme

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How is it possible to make full description in product detail in OS2 theme Studion?


Here is products page:





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Hello @Dancul ,
Need to change HTML code.

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Good day @ZestardTech 

As for html modification. Not sure if is it proper way, maybe you can help me. I just check main-produkt.liquid file and find:

{%- when 'description' -%}
{%- if product.description != blank -%}
<div class="product__description rte">
{{ product.description }}
{%- endif -%}

If I move this in some other part it will work?
I have tried but getting some errors because not sure where to paste.


One more question. We are considering some more function and want to hire some expert.

We want to modify collection site as it can show and divide product grid based on tags. 

I created main colletion with tag 120mm. But on the collection site I want to divide site in section by more tags..