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Hi all, 
I'm starting out in shopify dev and I'm struggling to understand how git integration works. I want to be able to set up two way management via git, so that when I make a change in the store front it can be merged into my github repo. 

I've looked at a lot of tutorials online for shopify cli 2 but I'm not really understanding the differences. 

Link everyone else, I'm using the latest version of the Dawn theme but I want to be able to customise the code a little, but not a huge amount, when I make changes of course, in the theme window and in the local store it's a one way thing, so I've set up a partners account and installed the theme app.

Now I got myself a github repo set up, but when I clone the dawn theme it has loads of git stuff in it already. 

I don't know whether I need to effectively detach this in some way or if I need to create a sub repository or anything. 

When I init the theme it creates a .github folder. 

I'd really like to setup the workflow so I can make changes in the online editor and then merge the changes back in. 

I've been trying to read all the documentation but I'm struggling to understand this bit. 

I'm on mac. I've got all the CLI and dev tools installed and I can sync with shopify but it's one way. 

Is there a resource for this anywhere online, like a video I can use? 


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OK, answering my own stupid question here. Basically, what you need to do is to download the theme locally from the themes interface.

There's a great little video on it here, and here

I wondered about this. It's daft, I must have been overdoing it as I should know exactly what would happen the moment you downloaded a git repo, it's much easier to use the version in themes. 

What does seem to be a bit of a drag is that I was previewing from the dev themes cli and now when I preview locally it often screws things up for some reason. 

I had to do a git revert earlier because of this. Is this a problem other people are experiencing, do I need a CI solution like lighthouse?