glitch on our international markets pricing

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Hello, hoping someone can help us shed some light on a big problem!


We're a UK shopify site selling clothing.  We have always sold quite well internationally just by listing the price in £.  But about 3 months ago we wanted to up our international game so we installed 'markets' so that we could set bespoke International pricing for key countries (eg USA, Australia etc...).  This came with the automatic pop up to select your territory etc.


Literally overnight our add to cart/checkout/ sales from these international territories dropped right down.  It was bizarre because we'd been selling quite well before that listing the price in £.


Anyway, we finally figured out that for international customers when they hit our shop and go to a product page they'd get the correct $ pricing (for instance) that we'd listed, but then after they hit 'add to cart' this $ price would change to whatever the £(UK) price was but still with the $ sign in-front of it.... so it looked like a major glitch.  For instance, the price could jump from $250 down to $200.  Please note, this is not a currency conversion or anything like that, we've set up international pricing so that it's unrelated to UK pricing.


Has this happened to anyone else? It basically means we can't list bespoke international pricing, it has to be the same numerical amount as it is in £(UK) or else the amount changes when you get to CHECKOUT.








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Hi there Laura,


Would you mind sharing the website URL? Then we can help check.

Best wishes,
Thom Knepper - Athom.Agency
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