Having hundreds of different parcel locations for shipping location

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In our region most of the e-commerce shipping is done via parcel locations. There are over 1000 different physical locations products can be shipped to and clients can then open these parcel machines with the code and get their product. 


Example of a parcel machine




Shopify does not support such implementation out of box in their shipping step. Our use case is that customer chooses a company of parcel machine (5 different ones) then country (we support 5 countries) and then searches by the city or county for a desired location that is nearest to them and then merchant will send the product to that location. The search option is very important. We have a lot of merchants and as far as I know none most of them use the Shopify Basic so some API calls are limited.


What is the best way to implement this functionality that is most native.


I have seen some apps do it by merchants disabling the "Buy now" button and having only "Add to cart" available because cart page can have some custom javascript code. In the cart page they then show the the functionality described above - choose a country, parcel company and then search for a desired one and in the next step there will only be 1 option with the methods price.

Apps that do it like this:

      1. https://apps.shopify.com/click-and-collect
      2. https://apps.shopify.com/local-delivery-1

Is this a good approach and is it future proof in a sense that is there a risk that Shopify might forbid this behaviour in the future?


Or is there a better way to do this?


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Has there someone who has wanted to do something similar? How did you solve it?

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Hi @martabel ,


your task looks interesting. I will send you a personal message to exchange ideas.



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