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Can someone provide documentation or explain how a Header section settings work? It seems like all rules go out the window with the Header settings and I can't find any documentation explaining why. 

What happens: 
Header settings are not applied to the header object, but to the Global sections_data.json. Ok, fine. 
Accessing Header blocks in sections_data.json doesn't iterate in the same way as regular sections.

For example, say you define blocks for the header... 

// header.liquid
{{section.settings}} // renders {}
{{section.blocks}}   // renders nothing
{{settings.header}}  // renders header settings object
{% for block in settings.header.blocks %}
  {{block}} // renders block object with id
  {{block.type}} // renders NOTHING!
  {{block.settings.index}} // renders NOTHING!
{% endfor %}

Anyone know anything about this, or why it doesn't work like normal blocks / settings? 

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