HELP! Recs Needed: Vendor to upgrade our theme

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Hi there,

We need recommendations for a reputable vendor(s) who can upgrade our theme as soon as possible. Our current vendor flaked on us. We do not have the skills to do it ourselves, because if we do it wrong - we can't fix it! LOL. Thank you in advance!


P.S. First time poster, I read the Guidelines, but if I have violated them in anyway - I'm sorry! Please point me in the right direction. 🙂


Deer Valley Danes

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Hello @DeerValleyDanes 


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There are many Shopify experts you can found on Upwork or Fiverr to help you with your store.


If you are looking for the reasonable one don't hesitate to send your query to the inbox given in below signature to discuss further.



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Fantastic. Thank you so much. I've been on Fiverr, but before I engaged someone there, I thought I would check here. I may inbox you if I have further questions - thank you so much for your offer!