How can I create a Mega filter on my website home page?

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We have multiple Diagrams of parts, now I want to create a filter:


For example,

2022 - 10 Models - 23 Diagrams

2023 - 15 Models - 35 Diagrams

2024 - 19 Models - 40 Diagrams


Now, when a customer comes to my website goes to filter, and selects 2024 as the year, then only those 19 models should show up, and then the same for Diagrams!


I hope this makes sense please check the images attached!





I hope for a reply soon!

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Hi @sarthak11 


I think you can implement Year Make Model (YMM) filters on your homepage using metafields, which can be facilitated by AI Search & Product filter app. This way, when a customer selects a specific year, only the models from that year will appear, and similarly, when they select a model, only the diagrams corresponding to that model will be displayed.




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