How can I edit the labels on the checkout contact form field?

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I'm trying to update the labels for some inputs on the checkout page via API (e.g. the "City" field in the contact info form). I can do it via the theme config on my shop settings page, but trying to modify it via Graphql (using translationsRegister) throws me this error:

message: "Locale cannot be the same as the shop's primary locale"

Am I missing a something? Is there a specific endpoint for this? thanks!

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Hi Josemco,


For updating labels on the checkout page, you might be encountering the error because the primary locale of your shop is set to the same locale that you're trying to update. You cannot update these fields in the same locale as your shop's primary locale. You need to create a separate locale for these changes.


For removing the product category, unfortunately, you cannot directly set it to nil or empty. The GraphQL API does not allow setting a relation to null directly. You would need to create a new category, assign the product to this new category, then delete the old category. However, do note that this might affect other products that might be associated with the old category.


Hope this helps!

Liam | Developer Advocate @ Shopify 
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