How customizable is Shopify for building adhoc pages for users with little knowledge of HTML?

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I'm planning out a new project for a client. It involves a website component with an ecommerce component that will be done in Shopify.

The website component I am considering WordPress because there are a lot of UI based editors that allow a lot of easy to use, drag and drop components that will empower the client's staff to edit and build their own pages.

Am I over-complicating this setup? Can Shopify build feature rich pages as well?

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With the new theme, Dawn, Shopify is making a step towards the build rich pages using drag and drop, but it is still far away from what's needed.

Your setup is overcomplicating things, but may be cheaper to run. Shopify natively has page building functionality, but it is not drag and drop. The gap is filled by apps like Shogun. It might be worth checking similar apps out to understand if they will be fit for purpose for this project and would they be within the customer budget. From an operational point of view, consolidation is usually a better way to go.

Hope this helps