How do infinite option apps work / Modifying prices dynamically

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I am building an app similar to the infinite options Shopify apps widely available, except with predefined product templates. These apps let you create products that can be customized by the customer on the product page. Based on the customizations chosen, the price should change. It seems that the customization aspect is accomplished by adding line item properties via the ajax cart API.



I am confused however about how to change the price of the product based on the options selected.


Originally, I thought these apps used Script Editor to dynamically change the price in cart, but I understand that this is a Plus only feature. I was considering having the app create all possible prices (each price point would be its own variant) based on the options created. When testing out some of the infinite option apps out there, I noticed that they do not add variants to products though.


Can anyone point me in the right direction on how to accomplish this? Thank you.



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