How do we use metafields and dynamic content to automatically populate a section with image or text?

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I'm creating a new section on every product page. I'd like the section to show the photo and bio of the person who designed the product. I can think of two ways to pull that information into the section, but I'm not sure how to implement either.


Option A: Pull the image and text from a collection that the product is associated with. Could be problematic, since products will be associated with more than one collection.


Option B: Use the value in the Designer metafield that I've populated for each product. Based on the name of the designer, pull in an image and text that are associated with the designer name somewhere else (another dimension of metafields?).


I'd like to try option B, but I'm stumped on how to automatically pull the image/text, based on the value in the Designer metafield. I'd like to accomplish this without an app, and I think it should be doable with Online Store 2.0.


Any suggestions?


Screenshot included for context.


Screen Shot 2022-07-31 at 8.39.44 AM.jpg

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Hello there  


In Shopify, you can use metafields and dynamic content to automatically populate a section with images or text. Metafields are additional data fields that you can use to store additional information about a product, collection, or blog post. This information can then be accessed and displayed on your store using dynamic content tags.

To use metafields and dynamic content, you will first need to create the metafields and add the desired information to them. This can be done through the Shopify admin panel, or using a metafields editor app. Once the metafields have been created, you can use dynamic content tags to access the information and display it on your store.

For example, let's say you have a product with an associated metafield that stores an image. You can use the following dynamic content tag to display that image on the product page:


{{ product.metafields.namespace.field_name }}


This tag will access the metafield associated with the product and display the image that is stored in the specified field.

You can also use dynamic content to display metafield information on other pages of your store, such as on the homepage or in a collection page. To do this, you can use the following tag:



{{ shop.metafields.namespace.field_name }}



This tag will access the metafield associated with the shop and display the information that is stored in the specified field.

Overall, using metafields and dynamic content is a powerful way to automatically populate sections of your Shopify store with custom information. It allows you to easily add and manage additional data, and display it in a flexible and customizable way.


Hope this helps!