How to change sorting of bestsellers

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Hello guys!  We are trying to change best sellers sorting on catalaog page and make it weighted based on some property of product. I wanted to know is it possible to do that. Should we use Shopify App Proxy to solve that task, or there is another way?  I know that there are apps which are doing resorting of bestsellers like, but I am not suer how they are doing it.

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Hey Aram,

Aria here, I'm on the Social Care team at Shopify. 🙂

Your catalog page is a collection page. Assuming it is pulling from a collection you created and not the default collection that came with the store, you can re-order the products from within the collection itself. 

To do that, go to Products > Collections > (Collection you wish to edit) in your admin. Scroll down to this section: 

Click on the drop-down menu next to Sort and you'll be given the following options: 

 * Manually
 * Best Selling
 * Product Title A - Z
 * Product Title Z - A
 * Highest Price
 * Lowest Price
 * Newest
 * Oldest

If you are using the default Collection, you can create a new collection to replace it by going to Products > Collections > Create Collection: 

You can find more information on managing collections in this guide.

We are always around if you need more support. 

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How to change    collections/all  page.  

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Hey Aria,  thanks for the response!

Just to clarify my question. Lets assume we have different pages and each page has it's own products, but some products can be in both of them. For one page (vertical) product is bestseller but in another one is not. Actually I want to change bestselling sorting algorithm, and make it so that bestsellers will be calculated based on pages (verticals). I can fetch the Shopify sales data and do corresponding aggregations,and create an external service which can provide bestsellsers for current catalog and vertical.

Is that possible to call and fetch products list fron external service in liquid?