How to deploy App Extension to different sub-user in same Partner account with Shopify CLI 3

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My shop has an app extension, but I have multiple sub-users in the same Partner account. After I updated my Shopify CLI to version 3.X, I needed to create a TOML file in my directory, and I have done so. Prior to version 3.X, I could deploy freely to any sub-user and any app in my Partner account. However, after upgrading to 3.X, I can no longer do this.


I have tried creating my own '' or even using 'shopify app config link' to link to different sub-user apps. The command line allows me to choose between users and apps in my account. But after I execute 'shopify app deploy' or 'shopify app deploy --reset' even if I select a different app in this process, it keeps deploying to the same app (which is the default and my first app).


For example:

User A (theme app extension, subscription UI extension) => Dev Environment

User B (theme app extension, subscription UI extension) => Production Enviroment
Target: to deploy my app to User B which is production environment


It keeps deploying to my User A app even if I select the User B app. I want to know how to switch between deployment targets in this case. 


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