How to Edit the text on the Please login or create an account page

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Can someone please direct me to the area of the Shopify backed where I can Edit the text on the Please Login or create an account page?


I have found all other pages, but this one is eluding me.


Thank you for any help you can give.

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Hi @focuslabs1 , 


You can navigate there by clicking Online Store > Themes > Actions > Edit language. 



Then just find that place you want to edit 


 if you need any more help: May this guide will help you.


I hope it helps you!

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Have they changed this? Because mine does not look like this and I cant find how to edit this page. It's excruciating. There's just no reason to make it this difficult. 

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You can navigate there by clicking Online Store > Themes > Actions > Edit language. 

Then look for 'Layout' and you will find Log In etc. to edit. I just did mine. Hope this helps.

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I have also spent the last 30 minutes trying to find where to do this, so thank you for posting this, I'm glad I was able to find your question and the answers attached. This site can be quite unintuitive, and I wish they had someone on payroll who could go through UI stuff and make it more user friendly without tucking away necessary features where nobody would think to look for them. Did you know you can't just filter customer search results with some checkboxes or a dropdown like you would be able to on any other search engine ever? No, you practically have to type in a line of code to filter your results. I imagine there's a lot of users who would not be able to figure out how that works without a tutorial. Shopify needs a bit of an overhaul for sure.

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I have the same problem, I didn't find how to modify the customer login with e-mail and code page.