How To Filter 15000 Products?

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My client has a Dawn theme with 15000 products in the store. He asked me about filtering these products. I used metafields to filter 100 products and barely died, but 15k it's too much to add filters manually, I mean it will take the whole life to filter them properly. Any ideas how we can add filters to the products faster?

I read Shopify Admin API documentation and it seems that for client it will be complex to add some code for products filtering (I didn't understand either). It'll be okay if it possible.

Also I tried to export CSV file of the products, but it doesn't export the metafields of the products.

Thanks in advance!


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Hi @moek, as I understand Shopify OS2 now supports a maximum of 5,000 products. So back to your question, if you manually use metafields to filter 15,000 products, it’ll be nearly impossible. Thus, I suggest trying an advanced product filter app to help you with it. Basically, you can create dynamic filter options from Collections, Vendors, Product Types, Variants (eg: Size, Color), Rating, Price, Sale Off %, SKU, Tags, Metafields, and so on. In other words, creating filters by any criteria. Also, due to the large inventory, you would want a dedicated server so it won't affect page speed, and top-notch support to help instantly)


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