How to redesign new store

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we are working on a client live store, we need to work on some structure changes of site,we are facing issue for products, need to update data, but as working on live site we are unable to work, please guide us.

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You need to product more information on what you need. It sounds like you want to work on the site and dont want customers to see it . You have two options if that  is the case. 


1. Close the store down for a while and work on it.


2. Duplicate the theme and work on it then post it as main.

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Depending on what changes you're looking to make, the best option will present itself.


If you're looking to make design/navigation changes: You should duplicate the theme and work on the one not being used, creating new menus etc if required. Then publish the theme once you're finished.


If you're looking to make changes to content (e.g. product content): You'd be better temporarily closing the store whilst you're making many changes but I'd advise having as much ready to go as possible so you can minimise downtime.

Best of luck!

Jamie @ Urban Feather