Incorrect Styling and Header and Footer Settings on Customer Activation Page

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Hello Shopify,


I contacted Shopify Plus Support and was directed here to follow up on my technical issue here, a rather disappointing experience.


Our 'Customer Activation' is not appearing with the correct CSS and Header / Footer settings. All of our other Customer pages appear with the correct customizations as set in our Theme Settings. With the Shopify Plus team, I attempted to provide as much information and context as possible, so this will be rather long to avoid further wasting time:


Shopify Theme Set-Up


We are using the official Shopify Github Integration, working on a fork of the Shopify Dawn theme. We have not modified any of the Customers templates, and to confirm on our deployed branch here are the results of running `git log` on two files, the `activate_account.liquid` and `login.liquid` pages and here are the most recent commits:




commit 3eb38fdd41cd2ba7f54d25a8d5c7fa1641b08d99
Author: Chris Berthe <>
Date: Tue Jun 29 09:00:00 2021 -0500

Hello world, this is Dawn 🙂


commit 3eb38fdd41cd2ba7f54d25a8d5c7fa1641b08d99
Author: Chris Berthe <>
Date: Tue Jun 29 09:00:00 2021 -0500

 Hello world, this is Dawn 🙂




1. Unable to Edit the 'Account Activation' Page in the Shopify Theme Settings because of Redirect to Login Page


I was told by Shopify Plus support that:


"clicking on the customer activate account and having it redirect back to the customer login page is expected behavior ... This was tested and confirmed on multiple storefronts"


Additionally, "there isn't any options in the theme customizer to change the customer account activation login page, it’s just the header and announcement bar which can be edited from almost any area of the store"


From this information I understand that my Account Activation cannot be configured manually in the Theme Settings, and should be using the same settings as the other Account pages, such as the Log In page, etc... which is not the case.


2. Customer Activation Page Not Using Correct Theme Settings for Header / Footer


Having confirmed that there "isn't any options to change the customer account activation login page", I would expect the settings being used on Header, Announcement Bar, and Footer to appear consistently with the rest of the site. This is not the case.


Please note here the 'Customer' page, appearing correctly when logged in, with the configured links in the heaer and footer, as well as the correct CSS settings configured in our Theme Settings. Then, please note the 'Activate Account' page which is missing those customizations.



Custmer Page Appearing with Correct SettingsCustmer Page Appearing with Correct Settings

Customer Page appearing with Correct Settings from Theme ( Header and Footer Links, Colors )

Activate Account Page Appearing with Incorrect SettingsActivate Account Page Appearing with Incorrect Settings

Activate Account Page appearing with Incorrect Settings from Theme ( Missing Header and Footer Links, Incorrect Colors )


Please note that I have confirmed in the HTML that the Links in the Header and Footer are *not present* and not simply disappearing against the white background.


If you could please let us know how we could attempt to debug this issue and move forwards that would be of great help, as it stands we have not received any actionable information from support and are at a standstill.

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Shopify Partner
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Hello, has this been resolved? I am encountering the same issue but with arguably more unacceptable formatting errors.