is APP PROXY meant only for public apps?

is APP PROXY meant only for public apps?

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Hey fellow developers,


2 questions:
Is APP PROXY meant only for public apps?

What is the best way to replace shopify online store pages one by one with custom page?  Eg. I want to serve collection page from private app.

Due to some time restrictions we consider delivering new storefront in react piece by piece, like:
1. Homepage - milestone 1
2. Products list - milestone 2
3. and so on...

Docs are not direct enough for me in that matter. Can someone confirm that?

P.S. I am aware of the following thread:

However it's quiet old. Does the unlisted public app is really unlisted in such case + does it need to be revied and GDPR comliant?

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Hi @mkbctrl ,


Yes, a Shopify application proxy will only work for Public Apps or Custom Apps. Essentially, you can only access the settings to configure an application proxy through the Shopify Partners dashboard ( so therefore you cannot do this through Private Apps and will need need to create one of these two app types through the Partners dashboard. 


If you are using a Private App, as a workaround you can look at using the Pages endpoint or the Theme endpoint or the Sections endpoint from the Shopify REST Admin API instead


Anytime you collect PII you need to be GDPR compliant. All Public Apps for Shopify (whether listed or unlisted) need to subscribe to the mandatory GDPR webhooks (


To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.