Issue with deprecated 'delivery_category' call to Shopify API

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Hi everyone,


I recently received an email from a few sellers who use Shopify with this issue below.  I have searched for anything to do with delivery_category but have found nothing that could assist me.  Any help here would be appreciated with what this means and where I can go to change/fix this. 


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Hello there,

One or more of your apps have made deprecated API calls in the last 30 days. Support for this version will be removed on April 1, 2024. Please update the apps listed below to API version 2023-07 or later to ensure they continue to function correctly.

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App: ** My Store Name **
Breaking Changes:

  • The delivery_category field has been removed from the ShippingLine REST Admin API. View change.


To learn how to update your apps, read the custom app versioning deprecation guide. If you still have questions, chat with us in the API forums or contact us via Support.


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Hi - just to confirm, you're not able to find where in your app you're making an API call to the `delivery_category` field? Could your app be using a webhook that's referencing this field? You could also use the deprecated API calls resource to return a list of any deprecated calls your app is making, to see if `delivery_category` is listed there.

Liam | Developer Advocate @ Shopify 
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I seem to be having the same issue...can't see where in my calls I'm making the call to delivery_category field and the deprecated API calls resource does show the call to it at the time an order is placed (I have a webhook calling my system) but I'm just addressing a shipping_lines field not directly delivery_category...

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Same issue for me, in my app I only READ Orders by Rest Admin API, no Orders write at all, no use of ShippingLine.delivery_category at all, neither read nor write. To be sure I removed WRITE permission on Rest Admin Orders, app is still working correctly, so how delivery_category attribute can be in use by my app ? My app is Python 3.8 based, I use pypy ShopifyAPI 12.4.0. could be something in such library ? Or could the "deprecation" signal generated because of some side effect from calls other than Orders ones ? No mention of deprecated calls collected by .../admin/api/2024-01/deprecated_api_calls.json. Last stable Shopify API 2024-01 version is configured for my app.

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Hi Liam,


Any idea about this? As seen with our developers, we too have no REST calls to the ShippingLine resource.
A number of our clients have reached out to use about this issue, but after checking and double-checking our code, we can ascertain the cause of this.

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i have the same problem but i not found any call  to delivery_category  i use REST ADMIN API for order and i call url /admin/api/2023-04/orders/ i must use url /admin/api/2023-07/orders/ ?



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Hi Liam,

If we changed to latest version means, Is it make any issues in our app functionality?
can you guide in this issue?

Thanks & Regards,