Menu API request

Menu API request

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Creating a new post as anything I can seem to find through Google appears to be dead


Requesting API access to read / write the menus. We have an awful lot of product, with a lot of tags, and a scripted access to create, update, detele menus would be very much appreciated.

It had been intimated by a developer on one of the threads above that this may become possible in future but I can't find anything since then (and it was January 2017).


Can a developer weigh in on this?

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As you have noticed correctly, there is no public API for navigation. The following

  • /admin/menus/validate_changes.json
  • /admin/menus/apply_changes.json
  • /admin/menus/<MENU_ID>.json

are all private and not accessible via app keys regardless of permissions we currently can set.

One way to work around this unfortunate limitation is develop an app proxy that manages navigation items, order and hierarchies. This approach would also lift some restrictions on current out-of-the-box functionality as you'd have lierally free reign and can feed the data or ready-made HTML back to your templates via the proxy app.

Hope this helps!

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I'm having a hard time trying to understand how App Proxies could be used to handle my usecase.

I want to create a link in the main-menu and link it to a page through API calls. Please give me some more insight on how I could implement this

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Hi, yes, this is interesting, thanks. There is a little bit of learning for me to do before I can create an app proxy.