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Using the SIMPLE theme, I have noticed that when created a menu hierarchy, a few things are happening:

1) Menu Items Stay active, even though there are no products to show in that category.

As a temporary solution, I have deleted the menu items with no products in them for now, so i can launch the shop without having to confuse the customers with many links that have no products.
What would be ideal, is there a way to have the menu items "hide" when there are no products listed within them? This will allow me to build the entire menu at once, and leave it. And the menus, show up on the live site when i add products to them, and hide, when i remove those items, and theres no products in those menu items.

This is make the whole organizational process much simpler, but i cant find anything that addresses this.

2) Clicking on large level categorical structures, does not result in updating the search results / product feed

The images below show the state. 

01 - Home - Nothing Selected
02 -"Men" Menu item is selected. The products do not update/repopulate with "men tag" products. Only the menu expands.
03 - "Clothing" Menu Item is Selected.The products do not update/repopulate with "clothing tag" products. Only the menu expands.
04 - "T Shirts" Menu Item is Selected.The products repopulate with "TShirt tag" products

What Would be ideal here, is there are "collections" on the main home page. If i click on "men" menu item, it should repopulate with all products tagged "men"
if I click on clothing,. then all products tagged "clothing" should repopulate the page.
All the way down the menu structure.

May i ask, if theres a rhyme or reason for this functionality and if there is a cost for doing it as i suggested? What are the thoughts on this?
.HomeHomeMen SelectedMen SelectedClothing SelectedClothing SelectedT Shirts SelectedT Shirts Selected


Thanks in advance!

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I would also like to be able to do this. It seems odd that you can only delete the menu items but not disable or hide them.