Merchants still able to use app blocks if they press cancel on application charge

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I’m creating an embedded app that uses app blocks. I’m launching with a single paid plan, and I noticed an issue once a merchant installs the app and clicks "cancel" on the page where they are asked to accept the recurring application charge. 

if they click cancel it still installs the app, bypasses the payment, and they have access to add your app blocks in the theme editor. If they actually try to open the app it redirects them back to the app charge screen…but still doesn’t stop them from adding blocks. 

What’s the best solution for this? Is it necessary to have to make an API call on each block to check if they have an active subscription every time someone hits a page where they added the block and show an error to their front end users?


here is the screen I’m referring to where they can hit cancel in the top right corner -


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