Metafields For Pages to create landing pages

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I see that there is a simple way to create metafields using the Shopify Metafields interface for:


- Products

- Variants

- Collections

- Customers

- Orders


But why isn't there an option to add it for the blog or pages without going through the API? Is there an easy way to do this? The pages can be so bland without metafields and it would be great to be able to build rich pages that doesn't require making multiple templates but rather use the metafields so we don't have to create a new page for each landing page. Can someone provide insight to this? Do I need to have my client upgrade to Shopify plus?  Are APIs the only way to create metafields for pages? Seems weird to me they support a front end to make metafields for these other page types but not the blog or pages.

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