Migrate Collection page to theme 2.0 to support filtering

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We are currently working with Doppo ( which is not 2.0) and we would like to make use of the filtering functionality of 2.0. I have read here https://shopify.dev/themes/os20 that it is possible to only migrate certain templates in order to use some functions of 2.0. My question is: can we migrate the Collection page only to use the 2.0 filters?

And otherwise, which pages do we need to migrate to make this work. The theme is quite large and we don't want to migrate everything.

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You can try the following steps:-


In your Shopify Admin,


visit Online Store > Navigation and navigate to the Collection and search filters section.


Check the box for any filters you wish to display on the collection page. If you wish to display product variant options (based on the product variants you have already added to your store), then select Product Options and you will be able to select which ones you wish to display.


Check the relevant boxes, select Done and Save and ensure that your changes have been saved before leaving this area of the Shopify Admin. Now that you have selected which filters you wish to display in your collection page's sidebar, you now need to return to the theme editor to set the collection page to display them in your store.


You can also check out the Gateway for improved store management for best results with your store. - https://www.crawlyourlink.com/app-development/shopify-2/ 

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