Missing redirect

Missing redirect

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We have developed a Shopify plugin. Till now it was working fine. However, nowadays our customers are reporting the same errors. The Shopify integration does not redirect the customers to the Barion Smart Gateway. It is an interesting bug because the redirection is working if the customer reloads the thank you screen.


Our customers are using this JavaScript snippet to initialize Payment on or side:

<script src="https://shopify.barion.com/js/barion/barion.js"></script>
orderId: {{ order.id }},
domain: '{{shop.permanent_domain}}',
gateway: '{{order.gateway}}',
orderStatus: '{{order.financial_status}}'

 The issue is on the thank you page. The OrderId, Gateway, and Status fields are empty. If the customer reloads the page the redirect is working, and we have the missing data.


Can you help us? What is the problem?


Thank you!

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