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I am trying to make the logo background transparent on mobile on the "Adorn" theme but it seems like i will have to tweak the code to make thss happen. 

The logo background is transparent on computers and ipads, tablets but not for mobile devices. is the website URL please help me!

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Hi @sairacokinos

I have tried to check on my mobile and see your logo background is transparent. Did you try to flush browser cache of you mobile device and check again?

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hi, for me on my iphone its not trasnparent. Could you show me what you see on mobile if possible? also when i go to the link via instagram promotions it also is not transparent then. But on my friends page which is here  the logo is transparent for mobile and instagram and goes down with the page as you scroll. is it possible to do something like this? 

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Hi @sairacokinos 
In this case you can try to add this code into the bottom of the file theme--critical.css

.header--mobile {
position: absolute;
background: transparent;
top: 0;
left: 0;


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