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multi country selector and auto translation

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Hi all,

thanks in advance!


I wish to achieve this result


  • can be pop up or individual page but the selector page i build with pagefly due to layout restriction in Shopify page builder
  • when users click and land to the respective country/region, the icon will be changed correspondingly, prefer to have selector in top menu 
  • for EU, we need to have auto translation as we only have 1 site for EU store (ex.


Hope i can get help from this!


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Hi @averynkh This can be achievable with the 3rd party apps, both the stores you have shared is using 3rd party apps too display the currency converter on their store.

  1. If you will use 3rd party app then you don't need to create a different select page from pagefly, app will do it by itself.
  2. There will be a option in the app for this as well.
  3. This can be achievable from shopify backend itself ad there is a option to add the domain for different marketplace. 

If you will unable to implement the same then I'm happy to do this for you, let me know. I can implement the changes so that this will work well for your store.


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I will help you dm .