Re: need help adding a pdf file to product description

need help adding a pdf file to product description

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I created a metafield to add a user manual for each product. This is a PDF file. I plan to add additional file types as metafields for each product.

I would like to display links or buttons to these metafields. When clicked, they should download the file. 

I want to display these in the Product Information section. It should live under the description. 

I have tried every section available in the Dawn theme but they only accept Text based metafields. 

Does anyone have a solution to my problem? 


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oh you can add a html button in the description part of each product

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I needed to do something similar to what you write.

I fixed it by editing a product through the theme’s customiser, adding a "Custom Liquid" block in the Product template, with the following code:


<a class="btn btn--primary" href="{{ product.metafields.custom.metapdf | file_url}}">Download PDF</a>


You need to update the metafield name, and probably the class of the link, to make it look like the other buttons on your site.


Hope it helps you.

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Hi @DavidCab,


If you're having trouble finding a way to upload your user manual PDF files to your products, I have a simple and effective solution for you! All you need to do is install the Free Ease Product Attachments App.


Once you've installed the app, you'll be able to easily upload your user manual PDF files and assign them to specific products or all products. Plus, you can create a block of your files on the Product Information section under the product description, giving your customers easy access to the information they need.


The best part is that it's incredibly simple to use, and you don't have to create any metafields. 


I'm confident that this app will help you solve your problem once and for all 😊.


To give you a better idea of what this app can do, take a look at the example below:


add pdf files to shopify.png

Notes: The block title, file icon, and block position can be easily customized.


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