Need To Know How To Exclude An Checkout Theme Config

Need To Know How To Exclude An Checkout Theme Config

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I will explain my situation to be clear:


I was creating a store for me on Shopify, and I was going to use an extern checkout app, but my store was made on Sense theme, a free theme that you can use for your store. However, this theme have a checkout config on his code that blocks my other checkout option, so I just cannot use this other checkout that I like to use.

Now I have two buttons on my store which each one goes to a different checkout when I buy 🤣




These are buttons that the theme automatically creates, so on Shopify I can't edit these config.



I'm happy because the checkout I was trying before is working, but now I need to exclude the theme checkout. Anyone knows how I can do that? I had searched all theme and shopify documentation to solve my problem, but It don't helped me. All API keys is ok too, both Yampi and Shopify have the determined URL links and passwords.

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