Re: new filter is flawed

new filter is flawed

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you can only filter by some pre-determined field, please add the ability to create custom filter, more than 1 product type, as well as links/category tree. The way it is designed is not very usable. 

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Totally agree!  Was upgrading today and saw this to be too limiting, like I want to be able to filter by product name.  My products are all hand made so there are a lot of 1 of 1 for the same product.

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Totally agree, this seems impossible for my store as well. Can't upgrade if there is no Filter by Tags.

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Totally agree - is there a way to custom develop this within the theme? I'm running Expanse 2.0

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Yes dawn theme is not usable for professional shops without the filter for metafields and tags. 

See the post here:

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Yes I am struggling with the same thing. I have party supplies that need to be filtered by theme, occasion, etc. not by the few things they currently have. Definitely need to be able to filter by tag like we always used to be able to....cannot imagine why they took away something so important as it makes the new theme pretty useless in my opinion! I'm trying to figure out how to code it in but don't think I have enough knowledge to do it. 

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Yes, this is preventing us from making the switch

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I agree; we need to be able to filter by tags. I find tag filtering way more important than product option filtering. Please add this as soon as possible.

I found two ways around it for now but they aren't perfect.

1. Use the tags to link to smaller collections while storing the current URL parameters and applying it after it's redirected (but then you have many collections, especially if you, like me, want to have categories, sub-categories, sub-sub-categories and etc.)

2. Use javascript & ajax to create a URL parameter (But you need an external server and a lot of coding). This is way too difficult for only filtering by tags and the amount of time and resources spent on it is not worth it in my opinion. If I needed some very advanced filtering system, this would make sense but at the moment, the tag filtering is the only thing missing for me.

Please add this option as soon as possible, thank you.